Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my CONNECT password. How can I get a new password?


If you have forgotten the login information for your CONNECT account, please click the Forgotten Password button on the homepage. Link here

A new password will be sent within minutes to your registered email address on file.

Why dont I receive my pay slip in paper copy?


As an online user you will receive your pay slip online and as a result you will no longer receive a paper pay slip. Once online you will have the option to print your pay slip if you wish to have a hard copy.

Will the details on my online payslip change?


No, the details included in an online payslip are identical to those on a paper payslip. As per your contract of employment, you will receive a pay slip on a fortnightly basis detailing all payments due for the period and any deduction of PAYE, PRSI and/or all other lawful authorized deductions.

I think there is an error in my payroll payment, who do I ask?


Any payroll queries arising for an online user will continue to be managed in the same manner; through our Payroll team, with online users having an additional query option available to them through our Portal Useful Links, Payroll Query Form.

Will The Revenue Commissioners expect me to have a paper copy of my payslip for records?


No, the Revenue Commissioners have accepted online pay slips for a number of years and now also accept online P60s. Noonan online pay slips are accepted by the Revenue Commissioners.

When I try to log in I get a message stating 'This page cant be displayed' or 'Unable to Connect'? What should I do?


In the first instance please reboot your computer. If this reoccurs, please email [email protected] with a screenshot of your problem.